Protocol for Prescriptions

To reduce journeys and number of people out we will batch requests for prescriptions in future into days and give each day’s requests to one person as per a rota.
When partner rings in asking for a prescription to be collected please go through the following:-

  • Are they certain prescription is ready? Pharmacy taking a week now
  • Name, address, phone and date of birth of partner
  • Do they need to pay and if not why not
  • Are Controlled Drugs involved?

The Process

The co-ordinator will ascribe a job number to each request (NOT each batch) and ring the person on the rota that day with all the info.
Co-ordinator will also ring Pharmacy on 01993 851961 or email them at
And hopefully all will be ready when the helper arrives. Advise helper to avoid busy times, when they open at 10am and later at 2pm.
The helper must take their own biro to sign and photo ID if Controlled Drugs are involved.
One-off or urgent requests will have to be dealt with by going out to BAN on WhatsApp for a one-off volunteer.

Draft dated 02.04.20