Protocol for home-cooked meals and use of re-usable containers

Annie Jenkins Meals and Cooks coordinator – 01993 852 852051

Food Delivery Coordinators (FDC) details:
Rachel Harris – 07850 516633
Catherine Foster – 07748 577626
Back up: Jess Egerton – 07901 503642

  • The volunteers that have joined the list so far have all agreed that they will not volunteer for other BAN jobs.  
  • Not all volunteers delivering yet and so they will continue to volunteer for BAN jobs up until they receive their first FD job.
  • Each volunteer will be allotted a maximum of 3 partners that they will then deliver each week or each time that partner orders a meal
  • When a new partner calls in the FDC will allocate a helper to that partner and contact that helper with all the details.
  • The FDC can either choose to spread each new partner across the available helpers, or to give each new to one available helper until he or she has 3 and will then repeat the process with the next etc.
  • If a helper cannot deliver to one or all of their partners on that day for some reason, other helper(s) can be given the job, but then they will revert back to the original helper.
  • The jobs will be allocated first thing on the Wednesday morning by the FDC and the meals will be delivered between 11-11.30 am.
  • If for any reason a morning delivery can’t be made the helper must let the FDC, who in turn will let Annie Jenkin know so that either a deliver at 4pm can be arranged or another helper assigned the job.
  • The helper must call Annie Jenkin so say that they are on their way.
  • The partners must be called before delivering to say that the helper is on their way
  • You must wear gloves when delivering!
  • If you can get a mask, please wear a mask as well.
  • IF the partner is unable to come to the door and you have to go in, you must keep at LEAST 2m away for the partner at all times.
  • Put the meal down where instructed, leave the money bag for the next visit if the partner wishes to make a donation, and they don’t have the money easily to hand.  You MUST NOT help to fetch a bag/purse/wallet.
  • Please tell the partner that there is a pair of gloves for them to use when handling the container. If storing the food in the fridge to transfer it to one of their own containers first. 
  • Please ask all partners to return all re-usable containers, having cleaned them, after transferring to their own container.
  • YOU MUST NOT, no matter how small or simple do any other jobs that a partner might ask you to.  Deliver the meal only please for your safety and the safety of the partner.
  • When the job is delivered the Helper must contact the coordinator and WhatsApp BAN to say Job no.??? to say that it has been completed. You must then call Annie and return the cartons/money back to her.
  • No person shall act as deliverer if they are feeling at all unwell.