Protocol for Food Delivery

Annie Jenkins – Meals and Cooks coordinator – 01993 852 852051

Food Delivery Coordinators (FDC) details:

Rachel Harris – 07850 516633
Catherine Foster – 07748 577626
Back up Jess Egerton – 07901 503642

  • When the partner calls, the BAN coordinator will take the Partners name and number, record it in the book with a job number and then call the FDC with the partners name and number.
  • The FDC will call the partner, take the order, their name, address and how they can be reached…i.e. can they come to the door, which door etc, and then liaise with Annie.
  • Some partners will call Annie because her number was on the original flier, the FDC will get the list from Annie and call BAN with the names and get job numbers allocated to each of them as well.
  • The FDC will then allocate the orders to the Food Delivery Team (usually they will be delivering to the same partners each week).
  • New orders will be allocated accordingly. So all old and new partners will be recorded by BAN with a job number.
  • Annie and FDC will collate the orders so that they are delivered on certain days – Wednesday at the moment but there might be odd orders that need to be delivered on other days.
  • These jobs will be allocated to the Food Delivery helpers who don’t undertake any other voluntary work for BAN
  • The FDC will then group them according to where about in Bampton they are going. No more than 3 per helper. These partners will then become each helpers sole groups for whom they will deliver.
  • The helper rings Annie to say that they are on their way to collect the meal. Annie will arrange where and how the meals are to be collected.
  • Each meal will be labelled with the partners name, address and dietary requirements in a cool bag.
  • The helper then phones the Partner to say that they are on their way.
  • The meals are free but if the Partner wishes to make a donation, there is a clear money bag in the Meal parcel. The helper should wait whilst the partner finds the donation, details of which can be gathered and added to a partners notes for future deliveries .
  • The helper is to ring Annie to let her know and to arrange how to leave the money – this arrangement may well change.
  • Helper is to then notify BAN that the job is completed
  • The BAN coordinator can then mark the job in the book as done. 

Any order that does not get confirmed MUST be followed up, please.