Before walk …

Q. Ask reason for walks –
Q. Ask size, age, breed of dog(s)?
Q. Do they walk without pulling on lead?
Q. Can dog be given treats for first few walks to gain confidence in handler/walker?
Q. How long can the dog be walked for? (Max 1 hour)
Q. Is any third party or vet  insurance in place
Q. Any specific habits – like anxious around other dogs.
Q. Is the dog neutered?


Take own lead to walk dog to ensure no cross contamination.

Wear gloves – preferably washable (recommend daily washing).

Take poo bags.

Dogs should be lead walked at all times.

Dogs should be walked passed any other dogs – out and about. Do not stop for chat. Don’t risk  dog in your care.

Be aware of other dogs around you and wait for other loose dogs to be put on lead before walking passed.

Most dog walkers/owners are doing this at the moment.

Ensure dog is released in back garden – back gate closed or onto owners own leash at distance before withdrawing.

If another walk is planned ensure logged with co-ordinator.