We are all feeling a bit disorientated to put it mildly.


Our lives have been totally turned upside down and inside out.

We may be lucky enough to have someone to share the struggle of coping with lockdown and self-isolating or you might be trying to cope with it on your own.

Both situations come with their problems and the best thing is to chat to someone…hear the sound of another voice.

But we all need to talk, to chat, to share news, views, and hear about what we are all up to!!

If you would like to take part and friendly chat with someone. To escape from the daily worrying news reports and just enjoy speaking to someone about the better things in life


Then please call us…TalktoBAN on  07946 192638

Our volunteers would love to chat about mutual interests, the village, past and present and swap tips, ideas and of course, ideas about how to push away the dark clouds of worry and let the positive sunshine of optimism shine through.